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Certain Floor Overlays not Showing up in game.

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I'm having issues getting certain floor overlays to actually show up in game. A lot of the time, a lot of them won't load in (blends, street curbs).


Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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I should include some screenshots, sorry about that, I hope this makes my problem a bit more clear 20200125122747_1.thumb.jpg.3e4ae01f2ebbfa94bdad2a6e2725dd85.jpgEditor.thumb.png.b23631aad5520cdb58bf2cd3728c3984.png20200125122818_1.thumb.jpg.01390d80a3229e7473c1837943dfd680.jpgEditor2.png.a9d5484bb1eb11baadc74f7ce7a1e700.png


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I have no idea how an .exe in got there...

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I face a similar problem. The curbs are not rendered above the floor tiles. It looks as expected in both WorldEd and Tiled though. I tried moving the curbs to layers above but it does not help. It is a custom 1x1 map.



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Posted (edited)

Hey guys,

i got the same Problem, my street + trafficlines are


0_FloorOverlay3                         street curbs

0_FloorOverlay2                         trafficlines
0_FloorOverlay                           Street Ground

ingame it only show the STreet Grounds not the curbs/lines. What can i do ? :)   ( I dont make my Streets with the Building Editor)

The BMP Tool say: Map is missing "street traffic lines" tilesets   but the tilesets are in the tileset folder

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forget sth.

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