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[41.27] New movement feels clunky to new and old players, I think I know why

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When walking (sneak mode or normal mode), the character should move immediately instead of waiting for the 'turn around' animations to complete. Make it similar to 'attack' mode.

EDIT: The video below displays the problem, players should move instantly in any direction if their movement speed is less than walking speed

The movement outside feels good for the most part once you get the controls. It's indoors where it get's difficult.

The reason is that the default 'state' most players (new and old) use for clearing a house is in sneak/walk mode (not attack mode like you intend). and sneak mode doesn't allow you to move 'backwards' like 'attack' mode does.

I think it would be worthwhile considering that sneaking and walking should not prevent movement until the 'turning around' animation completes, save that for jogging and sprinting.

Here is a popular youtuber that died due to this problem. Clearly they panicked and stopped attacking because you want to starting running and moving quickly, but the movement is clunky now

Video is timestamped for 5:48


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