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I'm leaving the forums

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Hey guys. So given my current situation with my account getting stolen and all the money I lost I've decided I'm leaving the forums. No reason to hang around for the updates if I'm not gaming, nothing against the forums or anything. Thanks for trying to help, but 8 years of service with Steam and they just allow my bank account to get drained like they do without doing anything? I love the PZ devs, the moderators and everyone who tried to help me with this issue. Sorry it ended this way and I hope your project is a huge success. Always have and always will. I'll still support the dev team in any way possible, but I'm done with gaming. I really am. This is just too much stress. This will likely be my last post, so I just wanted y'all to know that I loved how much time I had here and how amazing the community and everyone else was. We sure did have some great times. 

Changed my mind. I'm staying. Sorry for my small melt down. Thanks again to everyone who went out of their way to help me. You have no clue how much I appreciate it. 

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