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[41.26/24] Inventory/Loot Window position altering on load

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Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/eeObA3M

Layout.ini attached


2560x1440 resolution, inventory and loot windows pinned at the lower left hand side of the screen (dragged as far down as they can go). They are also not of default size, iirc.

When I exit to main menu or to the desktop and reload my last save, the inventory and loot window positions both move upwards (once, it does not continue walking upwards indefinitely).


When my game is saved, the ini appears to save the window position correctly. When I reload, the layout.ini still says the correct position. If I exit, the new layout.ini shows the position the windows loaded into (y=960 instead of y=1097).


I'm wondering if the default window height is being used to do bounds checking when loading in the .ini instead of the actual height value reported inside.


Edit: My assumption appears to be the case -- when I remove the layout.ini file and let the defaults load, the default height of the inventory and loot windows both show 480 -- 960 + 480 == 1440, so it looks like the code is using the default height value to determine the bounding box, eg:

Multiple other edits: forum formatting woes (code with no syntax highlighting is a light grey background with a mildly lighter text)


Probably the last edit: setting a window's y value in layout.ini to a negative number (lol) forces x , y to = 0 on load.


Can't believe I didn't mention this until 4931 edits later: Bug present on 41.24 and 41.26.

if (window.y >= (vertical_resolution - window.default_height))

    window.y = (vertical_resolution - window.default_height);

layout.after.reloading.and.exiting.again.ini layout.after.exiting.txt

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