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2 bugs ive found recently.

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1.smoking cigarets makes your body respose temperature goes down.

2. If you have a car with a broken driver side window, you lose control of the car while paning your camera forwad.
(i would clip this but its hard to understand it unless you do it yourself)

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#1 is not a bug -- smoking causes vasoconstriction (veins constrict == less blood, esp. to extremities) which causes a reduction in local body temperature.


This article is focused on feet, but it also applies for hands:



The reason for this is that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor that causes your blood vessels to tighten up or constrict, thus lessening the amount of blood that can flow through them. While nicotine affects your entire nervous system, the places you most easily notice the effect is in your hands and feet. When the nicotine causes the arterioles in your feet to constrict there is a reduced flow of warm blood and your feet become colder.


The effect can be surprisingly large and long-lasting. Studies have found that inhaling just one cigarette can reduce the blood flow to your feet by as much as 50%, and that the blood flow may not return to normal for an hour after that single cigarette. For even a moderate smoker, that can mean cold feet is an ongoing condition as the nicotine of each new cigarette once again acts to limit the blood flow in your feet.


I can confirm #2: driving with no windows broken does not allow you to pan (aim weapon). With the driver's window broken, you can aim and pan your screen -- the vehicle will not accept any further input (and will continue accelerating, turning, etc) as long as you are aiming/panning.


EDIT FOR #2: Panning the camera requires a separate keybind to be done separately from panning the camera while aiming. This is found in the keybindings menu and is not bound to any key by default. See: https://old.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/emn82p/gazing_into_distance_with_rmb_in_a_car/

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