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Supply drop signal.

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So, here is the idea. This mod would add a smoke grenade/signal flare that is a SUPER rare loot drop. With a slightly better chance of spawning on military zombies.


You would place it like you can with radios and walkie-talkies. When you place it if you right-click it, you can activate it causing a plume of smoke to appear and a helicopter event to spawn, this would also make a supply crate spawn with 50 LBs of random supplies ( canned food, bottled water, military guns and ammo, and some meds). You could also add variants of the signal flare. ( A blue one would give you more water and food, a red one more ammo and melee weapons like a katana, a green one could have tools and farming equipment, and a gray one would have a balanced amount of everything.). Also, the crate would be destructible, making it so you can't just call it in then leave and come back later.


This would make the helicopter a blessing and a curse. As well as make it have a bit more of an impact on gameplay.


Supplies could also be dropped as a para-drop or a free-drop, para-dropped would take about 2-3 minutes to hit the ground but would land in one spot and be in perfect condition (the box containing the supplies would act like a player build object and be destructible.)


Free-drops would hit the ground in less than 30 seconds but would be scattered forcing the player to run around to collect them. Also some of them could break on impact ( water bottles could have less water or be empty, cans could break open, boxes of ammo could break open and scatter the rounds, and guns and melee weapons could have less condition).


Which ever the mod maker thinks would be better ( or the devs, wink wink nudge nudge).

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