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Suggestion to have both builds in the game?

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I know this probably might not happen due to how hard it would be but I think having both versions, current IWBUMS and the build we have right now, would keep more of the casual players. Reason I say that is I have a group of friends who like simple survival games (or anything casual) and think that PZ (the current non-beta build) is a game they can go back to over and over again due to it being a simple survival and not too complicated. But when I introduced them to current IWBUMS they didn't like how it "changed" and how "Hard" the survival mechanics is even though it didn't change much, they prefer the casual over the new.

I guess when it comes to the casual players (based on my 10 friends) they wouldn't gravitate to  current IWBUMS. Just having both options without having to change the beta versions would keep the casual players. Just having a button that is "Classic" mode or something relating to that. I don't know if anyone has the same issue with friends who are casual player or if you are a casual player but i would like to hear what you all think or feel.

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There's a specific gamemode that's similar to how build 40 plays, called "Survivor".


Build 41 an onward is the game how we envision it.

Even before Build 41, PZ wasn't exactly a casual-friendly game, but with the new gamemodes catering to different playstyles as well as the custom sandbox, I feel players have all the tools necessary to make the game close to what it was in build 40 without giving up any of the improvements or new additions to the game.


I don't see us putting the "Classic" PZ in the main game as a menu, considering it will have so much fewer things to offer in the future. It will remain a beta branch purely for the nostalgia factor some people might feel now and again.

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