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Engine quality

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10 hours ago, Beard said:

There is Engine Condition and Engine Quality. The condition is the 100% you got the, the Engine quality is created at spawn.
If you have a 100% condition but engine quality 30, then you will take many attempts to start the vehicle.


Engine quality is 91, its almost perfect.


In additional, engine quality does not affect amount of attempts to start a car, it affects the speed of the car and starting velocity w/e its called.

I have a step van with 49 engine quality (spawned with 90% engige condition) and current 77% condition, it never starts with more than in 2 tries unlike my ambilance.


Step van:







As you can see, ambulance engine is in a better shape, but since it has been spawned as "trash red car", and step van has been spawned as a good condition car, ambulance engine does not start properly.


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Can confirm, I have a Franklin All Terrain with 99 engine quality, and it often takes a few tries to start it. Spawned as a high condition car, performance parts etc.


Also, engine quality can get over 100 and below 0. I've seen a car with 102 engine quality, and a car with negative engine quality. There seems to be something off about this value. Also I've seen cars with high condition parts (overall car condition 75-80%, but engine quality below 10.


My 99 engine quality Franklin All Terrain:



Negative engine quality:


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