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Male and female characters

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2 hours ago, Axezombie said:

well same as IRL, undress him/her

Your jokes are inappropriate here.
I need help with the code.


And by the way, yes, it would be more interesting if the characters were completely undressable, and underwear was dressed as well as clothes.

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Posted (edited)

Use the function "getPlayer():isFemale()"

There's more ways to get some player's gender, but this is one way.


"getPlayer()" is a global Project Zomboid function that returns an "IsoPlayer" object that is the client's character.





"isFemale()" is a function of "IsoPlayer" which is inherited from the "IsoGameCharacter" class.









Here's some example functions that use these classes and their functions.

This only returns if the client's gender is female as true or false.


The code has to be put inside the client folder in "..\media\lua\client" on some lua file.

Any questions feel free to ask me.

PlayerFunctions = {}

    Returns a boolean true if the player is female.
    Returns a boolean false if the player is male.
    Requirements: This code must be run under the client folder inside "..\media\lua\client" inside some lua file.
function PlayerFunctions.isFemale()
    local playerObj = getPlayer()
    local isFemale = playerObj:isFemale()
    return isFemale

function PlayerFunctions.isFemale2()
    return getPlayer():isFemale()

local function isFemale()
    return getPlayer():isFemale()

function isFemaleGlobalFunction()
    return getPlayer():isFemale()

local function printPlayerGender()
    print("IsFemale? --> " .. getPlayer():isFemale())

function printPlayerGenderGlobalFunction()
    print("IsFemale? --> " .. getPlayer():isFemale())





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