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Normal winers

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I love to play six months later through sandbox because there is a lot of zombies,little amount of loot and you cant forage for food because its winter time but when it starts to snow it becomes so damn dark outside even in the middle of the day wich is a little bit strange.It would be nice if winers were a little bit brighter,i know its cloudy almost every day in winter time but its never to dark that you cant even see your finger in front of your face.

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On 12/22/2019 at 1:11 PM, Axezombie said:

I have the same problem sometimes but not everytime it snows, probably when it's a storm: https://streamable.com/dus0z

Be sure to enable post processing so the game is less dark


This video is at 4:30pm on 12/12. Louisville, KY sunset is 5:20pm on 12/12. Maybe its a little too dark, but it is within an hour of sunset. 

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