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Metal barrels as water collectors

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I would do it myself if I had the slightest idea how. 


I would love to have a mod that lets me 

- convert existing barrels ingame into collector barrels. (maybe metal crafting level 3 ? or even tie a skillbook into it ? )

- make building of new barrels possible at level 5 metalcrafting (recipe : 5 large metal sheets, propane torch (20 units), welding rod


apart from that they would need the same characterisitics as rain collector barrels, except that they dont need garbage bags and the empty barrels only weigh 10kg. 


could someone whip something like this up ? 


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I would love to be able to just take a trash can and put a garbage bag into it to collect water instead of crafting a shitty wooden crate to put a garbage bag in it to collect water.

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