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so what are those and is there anything we can do with them ?

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barreldrum.PNG.7d46757a5948bf9fa104d25fda9db13b.PNG I searched the lua functions and there is stuff in global lua scripts but I havent been able to interact ith them in any way in my SP game except transporting / picking them up and placing them down. 

am I missing something ? 

thanks in advance

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5 hours ago, Noncuro said:

You can dismantle it and gain metalworking xp

yeah thanks. ut that  - imho - is a waste of precious barrels. 
I am currently desperatly trying to figure out on how to make them usable...


modding is a B%(/&, especially if you do not know anything and have to start from scratch

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4 hours ago, Torenico said:

These would be good to store gasoline, instead of having lots of gas cans around...



I am sure I can come up with something. i am currently trying to build a mod where we can build our own barrels.

but I would prefer using those ones.




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