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Death & Decay: Sunrise. [RP Server from the makers of Death & Decay]

Ace Knight

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Years ago Eudoxio created the server Death & Decay for Project Zomboid. It was a heavy role playing server that managed to bring together an amazing community of players, stories, and memories. Sadly due to financial instability, Eudoxio had to close the server back in 2017 after 2 years of running. Since then I've decided to get back touch with him. especially with animations being right around the corner: and asked if I could personally take over the server and reopen it with a new host and he was happy to contribute and bring this wonderful server back to life. 
So without further ado! 


Death & Decay: Sunrise

Hello everyone and welcome back to the 5th season of Death & Decay! I know what you're thinking and yes it has been a while.. No we're not dead, In fact we're alive and better than ever!

So we hope to see you soon, Survivors! 

Server Information

IP:  | 
Build: 40.43
Server restart times: 

Server Location: 
Server Language: English/Spanish
Season 5 start date: 
Player slots: 

Discord: https://discord.gg/R8XHESC

Server Rules: (OOC)

  • Usernames: Please refrain from using usernames that are too complicated or use symbols. Keep it simple! Use a name suited for Roleplaying.


  • No Metagaming: If you get some information from the forum or the discord, your character doesn't know what you know! Please play it as such. If you die and change your character, find a story on how you "found" your current living location as is.


  • Dont "Kill On Sight" (KOS): Don't just kill someone after running up to them - if you get the itch for murder, you can find plenty of legitimate reasons to shoot at people. If you have a problem with someone, signal the staff and we'll resolve the problem.


  • Griefing is Not Allowed: Don't break other people's stuff for no reason! Have a heart.


  • Stealing: Stealing is allowed but only in character, so leave a note hinting you did it. That way people could play as detectives if they wanted! 


  • Be Respectful of Others: Use your judgment when playing your character. Don't go over the line. We're all here to have fun after all!

Role Playing Rules: (IC)

  • Use *R* when speaking in global chat: Putting *R* before what you type indicated to other people that you're speaking on the global radio.


  • Use (parentheses) when speaking OOC: Try to keep the OOC (Out Of Character) chat to a minimum in game, but it's completely normal to have to say something 'Out Of Character' at some point. Use parentheses when you do so.


  • Try to stay in character: We're not always asking for extremely deep storylines, but try to have at least SOME idea of who your character is, what they were before the apocalypse, how they survived up to where they are now.


We've come to the decision after a lot of thought that the sever should have brand new lore, and a new world. 
Seasons 1-4 were amazing and refreshing but Eudoxio and I thought it'd be nice for a new approach..

New Server Lore

6 months ago there was a mass epidemic, it spread through the world without notice for weeks and when top scientists realized what was happening it was already far to late. Originating from Japan, the virus quickly became airborne and spread globally.. Before long the Military had lost most of it's force, and major towns and cities were soon overrun and quarantined by what little troops remained. What was left afterwards was global destruction, cars piled on streets, bodies filling lakes and rivers, and entire city population decimated in days.. 

However before the collapse of civilization a cure was produced and released but only made it to a few city's military, never fully released to the public. 


I also wanted to add as a side note that we are in fact planning on updating to the latest release (Animations), whenever that release may happen. We will be wiping the map, and removing all mods/maps due to potential issues regarding stability and performance. (We will be keeping the lore/character names if you'd like to continue your stories!)

Once mods/maps are updated, and if they all work together well. We will be adding them back into the server.

New Server Mods & Maps (Necroforge & Cheatmenu are for staff)


Improved Build Menu
Simple Food Spawn
Organized Storage
Hair Styles
Global Radios
Rename Weapons
Zombie Cure Medical Cocktail
ORGM Suppressor
Blind Trait
Wedge's Item Name Fixes



Bedford Falls, Drayton Rebuild, Phoenix, South Muldraugh, Eerie Country, Lake Ivy, Over The River, 
Fetzen's East Muldraugh Nature Reserve. 


Server Settings 
(Yeah there's a lot..) 

nightlengthmodifier=1.0 | PauseEmpty=true
| ShowSafety=true
| HoursForLootRespawn=150
| ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=true
| NoFire=false
| HoursForCorpseRemoval=240
| SafehouseAllowTrepass=true
| SafehouseAllowLoot=false
| SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=12
| AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true
| sleepNeeded=false

Day Length: 4 Hours
| Start Month: June
Start Day: 5
| Start Time: 5AM
Water Shutoff: 2-6 Months
| Electricity Shutoff: 2-6 Months
House Alarm Frequency: Sometimes
| Locked Houses Frequency: Rare
Food Spoilage: Normal
| Refrigerator Effectiveness: Normal
Rotten Food Removal: -1
| Loot Respawn: Every 2 months
Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 720
| Months Since Apocalypse: 0
Darkness During Night: Dark 
| Fire Spread: Off
Generator Working In Exterior: On
| Temperature: Normal
Rain: Normal
| Erosion Speed: (100 days)
Erosion Days: 0
| Farming Speed: Normal
Plant Resilience: Normal
| Farming's Abundance: Normal
Nature's Abundance: Normal
| Compost Time: 2 Weeks
Maximum Fog Intensity: Normal
| Maximum Rain FX Intensity: Normal
Enable Snow On Ground: Yes
| Helicopter: Once
Meta Event: Sometimes
|Sleeping Event: Sometimes
Generator Spawn: Rare
| Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5
Randomized House Chance: Rare
| Annotated Map Chance: Sometimes
Time Before Corpse Removal: -1
| Decaying Corpse Health Impact: Normal
Blood Level: Normal
| Food: Rare
Weapon: Rare
| Other: Rare
XP Multiplier: 1.0
| Stats Decrease: Normal
Endurance Regeneration: Normal
| Nutrition: Yes
Starter Kit: Nothing
| Free Trait Points: 0
Player Built Construction Strength: Normal
| Injury Severity: Normal
Bone Fracture: Yes 
| Enable Vehicle: Yes
Easy Use: No
| Recent Survivor Vehicles: Low
Zombie Attraction Multiplier: 1.0
| Car Spawn Rate: Low
Chance Has Gas: Low
| Initial Gas: Low
Gas Consumption: 1.0
| Locked Frequency: Rare
General Condition: Very Low
| Car Wreck Congestion: Yes
Car Alarms Frequency: Extremely Rare
| Player Damaged From Crash: Yes
Car Damage On Impact: Low
| Siren Shutoff Hours: 0.0
Damage To Player Hit By Car: None
| Clothing Degradation: Normal

Speed: Fast shamblers | Strength: Normal
Toughness: Normal
| Transmission: Blood + Saliva 
Infection Mortality: 2-3 days
| Reanimate Time: 0-12 hours
Cognitive: Basic Navigation
| Memory: Normal
Decomposition: Slows + Weakens
| Sight: Normal
Hearing: Normal
| Smell: Normal
Environmental attacks: Yes
| Damage construction: Yes
Day/Night active: Both
| Zombie triggering house alarms: Yes
Speed: Fast Shamblers
| Strength: Normal
Toughness: Normal
| Transmission: Blood + Saliva
Infection Mortality: 2-3 Days
| Reanimate Time: 0-12 Hours
Cognitive: Basic Navigation
| Memory: Normal
Decomposition:  Slows + Weakens
| Sight: Normal
Hearing: Normal
| Smell: Normal 
Environmental Attacks: Yes
| Damage Constructs: Yes
Day/Night Active: Both
| Zombie House Alarm Triggering: Yes
Population Multiplier: 2.0
| Population Start Multiplier: 0.5
Population Peak Multiplier: 3.0
| Population Peak Day: 260
Respawn Hours: 72.0
| Respawn Unseen Hours: 16.0
Respawn Multiplier: 0.1
| Redistribute Hours: 12.0
Follow Sound Distance: 100
| Rally Group Size: 20
Rally Travel Distance: 20
| Rally Group Separation: 15
Rally Group Radius: 3

Edited by Ace Knight
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Quick announcement!

Due to some issues with the server, and server host. We've had to remove a mod that was causing issues, wipe the world, and migrate to a new server host system. We've updated the IP and port for the new server settings, but the server is back up and functioning. 

(Thank god)

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