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Consumption of delta item that is not in the hands

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Help me please.
I'm trying to solve the problem myself, but it doesn’t work ...

I need to find the item in the inventory, read its current delta and reduce it.
What am I doing wrong?


function WorkDelta (items, player)

for i=0, items:size()-1 do
if items:get(i):getType() == "WorkItem" then
    items:setUsedDelta((getUsedDelta() - 0.001));

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9 hours ago, tommysticks said:

Hey man, you may need to define items yourself:

local items = player:getInventory():getItems()

I’m on mobile and can’t check if I got this correct, but try that


Thank you, problem solved.
Here is the correct code that I got.


function WorkDelta(items, player)
	local player = getPlayer();
    for i = 0, player:getInventory():getItems():size() - 1 do
	local item = player:getInventory():getItems():get(i);
        if item:getType() == "WorkItem" then
        item:setUsedDelta((item:getUsedDelta() - 0.01));


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