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IWBUMS 41.22 released!

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- New way to spawn vehicle stories, now use zone intersect in chunk to be really accurate.

- Added more vehicle stories.

- Added weapon name on insert bullets in weapon context menu option
- Added footstep sounds when aim-walking.
- Moodles now shake and shimmer to signal combat being impaired
- Updated some vehicles textures.
- Fixed some missing vehicle damage overlays.
- Increased cap combat speed for heavy weapons.

- Pressing one of the hotbar keys for half a second now displays a radial menu for choosing an item to equip in that slot.
- Healing items can be dragged onto the Health panel to treat injuries.-Converted strings for translators
-Updated translations for Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese and Polish.- All containers in the loot window now displayed in the 3x3 area around the player.
1) This allows us to add back "turn to face the container while looting", because turning doesn't change which
containers are displayed in the loot window.
2) Fixes some awkwardness with looting corpses, since often the player is visually standing on the corpse but
not facing the square the corpse is on.
3) It was always possible for the player to click on a container in the world and display it's contents in the
loot window, even when the container was behind the player and didn't have a button in the loot window.

- Fixed vehicle rust missing from Effects.
- Fixed player being locked in place after starting to reload/rack a firearm while aiming.
- Fixed sitting and thumping zombies being pushed by other zombies
- Display the 'equipped' icon in the hotbar for items held in a hand.
- Added "Quit To Desktop" main-menu option.
- Player now faces vehicle door when attempting to unlock it.
- Fixed zombies getting stuck in an animation after the player dies.
- Fixed DebugChunkState error when a State wasn't exposed to lua.
- Fixed sitting zombies sometimes facing the wrong direction.
- Fixed the position of the "favorite" icon in the inventory window (it was clipping into the row above).
- Fixed being able to throw a molotov without a lighter in the right hand, and the right-hand item disappearing afterward.
- Fixed not being able to queue multiple chop-tree actions.
- Fixed the Continue button skipping the profession screen when the player is dead.
- Fixed hotbar switching animations.
- Fixed the player's direction snapping when changing the player's in-hand models.
- Fixes snapping when the player turns
- Fixed dragging multiple healing items of the same type onto the Health ui.
- Fixed clicking "wear" on a stack of items wearing them all
- Fixed being able to open infinite Inspect Clothing UI.
- Fixed right clicking on bullets needing a corresponding gun to allow insert bullets in magazine.
- Fixed having clicking once bullets in inventory bringing "insert ammo in magazine" for every item.
- Fixed not being able to clean dirty leather/denim strips.
- Fixed bunch of overlaping text with garmentUI for translator, everything is now tied to various string width.
- Fixed sandbox loot settings resetting to default when loading a saved game.
- Fixed zombies not attacking players right in front of them when the "Day/Night Active" sandbox setting is not "Both".
- Lighter doesn't run out of fuel if we use it as lighting source
- Fixed Barefoot footsteps sfx not being softer than when wearing shoes
- Fixed chance to catch fish at lvl 1 beingtoo high
- Fixed professional clothes (for example Lumberjack shirt) disappearing from the combo when clicking "Random"
- Fixed Headlights smashing too easily
- Fixed Pin status for inventory menus not being saved
- Fixed it not being possible to recover and repair a weapon used in Spear creation
- Fixed dryers having Drink Option
- Fixed lua error with Painting walls
- Fixed Fishing with a spear having incorrect sfx
- Fixed sound effect when a door is destroyed being too loud
- Fixed incorrect high exertion moodle description
- Fixed Trees/clothing protection system issues
- Fixed dig Graves action not having SFX for all tools
- Fixed vehicle siren typo
- Fixed a farming 'Dig' being confusing due to different digging actions - now 'dig furrow' etc.
- Fixed weapon SwingSound not playing (whoosh of baseball bat for example).
- Fixed HitVehiclePartWithWeapon and HitVehicleWindowWithWeapon not playing, and it using hit-zombie sound.
- Fixed hats falling multiple times off reanimated player zombies.
- Fixed aim outline for splitscreen players being rendered on the first player's screen.
- Fixed weather effects not rendering for splitscreen players.
- Fixed the wrong clothing color being displayed in the character-creation screen when selecting items.
- Fixed passengers not being allowed to read books in running vehicles (driver still cannot).
- Fixed garage doors with walls behind in cells 22,33 and 27,33.
- Fixed SmithingMag4 turning into SmithingMag3 when read.
- Fixed possible nullpointer for RVSCarCrashCorpse.
- Fixed turning again when already facing the direction when doing an action.
- Fixed player animation snapping while turning in ISMultiStageBuild.
- Fixed vehicle steering flipping like pinball paddles when the fps is low.
- Fixed pathfind bug that resulted in "WalkTowardState but path2 != null" messages.
- Fixed lua errors when pressing hotbar shortcut keys during game loading.
- Fixed exception with PolygonalMap2.intersectLineWithVehicle().
- Fixed lua error in ISRepairEngine

- Forbid reading skill books that are too high-level.  The player will read for a bit then stop after saying "I don't understand..." etc.
- Fixed IsoWorldInventoryObject sometimes using the smaller WItem_xxx textures.

- fixed the car duplication.

- Fixed vehicle headlights not getting removed when destroyed, emitting light when broken

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7 minutes ago, tylos said:

now i cant run game at all.


"fatal error: steam must be running to play this game (SteamAPl_Init() failed).


bought on gog.

Fixed that shortly before your post.  
If you haven't gotten an update, edit the ProjectZomboid64.json file in your install directory and change






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5 minutes ago, Vitalyk895 said:

Any any information about MP in 41 pls! :o

You will read about it in a blogpost before you will find out about it in a changelog. 

It's still a ways off.

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starting game is fine now.


3 hours ago, lemmy101 said:

- Forbid reading skill books that are too high-level.  The player will read for a bit then stop after saying "I don't understand..." etc.

So, if I have already read a book before the update, there is no way to trigger exp multiplier or reread it in that very game?

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Please do a car control as well as a character control!

I’m tired of knocking down trees when driving down, down left, or down right.

When the character goes down, then when you click on the "Right" button, he goes to the right. But the transport goes to the left if you press the button to the right and vice versa))

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Can we still read the first page of a book that is too high? I find that to be an incredibly convenient way to remind myself which books I already have. If not can you provide the player with some new mechanic to "flag" all copies of an item with some special flair that we see in the inventory menu?

Edited by ohgodspidersno

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Thank you very much for all the changes and arrangements that have been made to the game, it is very much appreciated that they will solve certain bugs. I send you my best regards from Uruguay.
PS: Excuse me my English, I am using the google translator.

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I was also wondering if there was any word on getting hypochondriac back into the game I know it was pulled in the early beta due to it outright killing you but I was wondering if that issue has been addressed yet so it can make its way back into the game in the near future.

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Does anybody Know if "Heroic Weapons", "Chip a Stone", "Upgraded Hiking bags" and "Zombie Loot Extended v 3.0" work with build 41?

i dont dare to try because i dont want to crash my save.



Still hope you Fix hair not growing after shaving them once. 

To explain: Hair and Beard tend to grow - hair went from short to Ponytail, beard from goatee to scruffy


I shaved both... beard still grows to scruffy within a week or so.. hair still doesnt grow after 3 months played since shaving, which is kinda sad^^



Also noticed in my last 2 play days that the game goes really choppy on the freeway between muldraugh and westpoint even tough there arent that much zeds.

Also crashed 2 times (fortunately i did spawn in my car - but time was forwarded almost 1 whole day)


Possible reasons for that might be:


a) It was a car jam - i dismantled almost all car wrecks  (reason i think this might be that is - it started to be choppy after i dismantled all car wrecks and drove back there a second time to start killing zombies)


b) Zombies getting Stuck at cars?  - I positioned all the drivable vehicles of the car jam like a Barrier on one end of the highway to block incoming zed hordes in case an alarm goes off while looting - i saw at least 4 Zombies which completely got stuck in walking animation when i drive by them and they dont react like they do at tall fences (they dont walk arround the Selfmade-Car-fence to get to you - might be because they are just programmed to walk arround one and there are 8 cars building the barrier)



Edit: Wait .. its possible to Fish with the spears? then they are even more OP xD

Edited by Komodo21

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