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Add shopping carts, wheelbarrows, dollies, etc

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Currently, there are no ways of transporting large amounts of items without using cars. In real life we have things like shopping carts, wheelbarrows, and dollies to allow us to do that, but none of these items are found in the game. There is really no reason these items should not be in this game. These items would be very common in 1990s rural Kentucky. The lack of these items seriously detracts from this game's atmosphere and realism and makes the world feel empty. These items would be extremely useful in the game, serving as big mobile containers that don't require gas. This would improve so many in-game tasks, such as construction, wood collecting, and corpse piling. Shopping carts and similarly sized items could also serve as weapons capable of multihit. A person sprinting with a shopping cart at full speed could easily knock down 2 or more people. It wouldn't really be a fatal weapon on its own, but it'd still be really useful.


I know this has been brought up in the past, and to a degree was incorporated in the Hydrocraft mod, but this should really be incorporated into the base game. It seems like it wouldn't be that hard given that cars are already in the game. It would require new models and animations, but essentially these are just new car types.

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