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Some furniture can't be dropped, only placed again

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I've found this with beige cabinet sinks, and also the wall mounted sinks in public bathrooms. If you pull it off the wall or out of the cabinet, you can't drop it on the floor, you have to reattach it to a wall. In the case of the cabinet sinks, you have to specifically place it back on top of a cabinet, making repurposing of bathroom cabinets for central storage difficult, since you have to move both cabinet and sink, and then reinstall the sink to get it out of your inventory.

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58 minutes ago, ganya said:

For now, you can drop furniture on the floor by putting it into a backpack, then put the BP on the floor and then drag the furniture out of the BP.


Would could be worse when you have been caught by zombie with huge af antiqeue oven in your hands and your character is not able to drop it because no reasons.

Thats how i died.

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