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Death Is Not The End

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Located here.


When your player dies a Death Token will spawn in his inventory. Consume this token to inherit his XP and recipes! 

-There is a slight chance to lose some XP and some recipes, but it is a small chance and a small amount of XP due to retrieval of your corpse being pretty difficult.

-Professions with stat boosts don't contribute to this XP, only XP that is earned is stored. Consuming a token counts as earning that XP.

-Reading books will not boost XP earned from the token, though it did initially as a bug.

-The lightning strikes are aesthetic only and will not attract zeds.

-Death token can only be consumed if it's in your inventory, that means pick it up first.

-Remember to make your character recognizable
 if things are looking grim for easier retrieval


…also this kills the popup for IWBUMS 41

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I usually use Cheat Menu to just make me godmode or ghost mode at the brink of death, then heal myself go away a bit and turn that off :P

Damn cheat menu, I find myself using it alot when my character has basicly died because I don't wanna start over lol

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