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Loot settings diffrence right after starting game and then resuming it.

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So here is the thing, if you do a sandbox setting with loot rarity diffrent then rare then after you reload a save the loot spawn is back to rare no matter what. I had a bug which didn't allow me to exit vehicle. So I did th eusual -> reloaded the safe, it turned me back 12h in time but staying at the same spot. Here is what I got from same place before and after (since loot respawned):

Before reload (last bit went missing)/After reload
Apple - 1/2
Avocado - 5/1
Banana - 4/2
Bell pepper - 10/1
Broccolli - 7/1
Cabbage - 8/4
Carrots - 12/1
Cherry - 6
Corn - 13/5
Eggplant - 7
Grapes - 7/2
Leak - 11/5
Lemon - 6
Lettuce - 11/1
Onion - 4/1
Orange - 2/1
Peach - 15/1
Pineapple - 23/3
Potato - 11/2
Radish - 5
Strawberries - 10/3
Tomato - 3/1
Watermelon - 11/1
Worm - 4/1
Zucchini - 8/1

Total 204 items vs 40.

 Reloading for the second time after same bug occured removed my keys to the vehicle so I believe I'll rather wait till it's patched.


After checking map_sand.bin the loot rarity values stay on same, regardless contnuing game, yet there is obvious and I'd say quite huge diffrent in amount of items from same spot which I Cannot explain.

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I can confirm this. It has been happening since the very first IWBUMS 41; I always set my loot to abundant, but as soon as I go to a place I did not visit before saving and exiting my first save, it all resets to what I believe is Rare.

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Great that this is being fixed next patch.


Just to add some info...this seemed to occur to me when I loaded the vehicle to max inventory size...i.e. trunk and seats full to max or nearing it.


I now only fill to around 70-80% to avoid this bug as a temp workaround and dont seem to have encountered it anymore.


You know you are about to lose your inventory items (or most recent batch of them) when you either cant exit/enter the vehicle or the little red error numbers start to appear when you enter your vehicle.


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