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(WIP) ACDCC- CD and Cassette Collectables

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ACDCC: Artfactial's Compact Discs & Cassettes Collectables.(Working title)


Alright, I posted a Mod suggestion yesterday, but got anxious so went ahead and started working on it.
So, here’s the idea: inspired by the BookMod by Simulatedbyalgorithm and Maska_zgz this is going to be a collectable CD/Cassette mod. I don’t want to overcomplicate the project and burn myself out and this should be a straight forward learning introduction into Zomboid modding.

Things I'm working on:

  • -Every item will come with their album cover art.
  • -Every included artist will have their full discography available (with proper rarities and condition for the 1993 time-frame) to accommodate collectability.
  • -I’ll focus on typical and popular artists up to the 1993 time-span and US market, taking the default ‘9 July, 1993’ as the final  release day. I’ll also pay attention to the region, so that means a bit more Bluegrass, Country and Folk. I’ll add in personal favorites of course, but feel free to suggest any artist!
  • -I’ll start with CD’s and once in a while flip that collection to Cassette’s, during this period . The only downside to this progress is having to make the texture/icon twice.
  • -A fun little thing to include might be random cassette mix tapes and bootleg recordings.
  • -I’m not entirely sure at the moment of how to add them to the Item Distribution without conflicting with other mods, but I’ll burn that bridge when I cross it. Any help on this is very welcome.
  • -As I will collect album cover art for this project it might be a nice addendum to include choice covers as posters.

I don’t think this will include actual functionality to the items, and will probably wait until such a thing is implemented in Vanilla, at which point it shouldn’t be too hard to apply this to the mod’s CD’s/Cassettes. However, I have been thinking of some ways in which this would be fun to implement.
So keep in mind, all the following is theoretical and here to be discussed.

  • -Allow for use of Cd-player/Cassettedeck+Earbuds recipe to listen to the album
  •  This way any bonuses will only be gained after fully listening through all album so isn’t really practical.
  • -When Earbuds are worn it would drown out other sound (not sure how dynamic this is) like the ‘Deaf’ trait.
  • -I think it’d be fun to add a little of the ‘ritual’ and allow you to take out the CD/Cassette in order to put it in the player. Bring back things like losing/damaging CD’s and finding previous ones in players.
  • -Have a custom ‘Radio station’ per CD that gives bonuses when listened to, this way it can be a very passive thing and, if you want to go crazy, add in what specific song or even lyrics your listening to. This way, there could be other CD/Cassette player stereos as furniture objects.
  • -Create a system like that of skillbooks where pages are correlated to album length.
  • -Have it work like a cooking recipe, where the player device is the pot/pan and the inserted CD/cassette is the ingredient. I think this method, with some modifications has a lot of merit.


List of currently included discographies as a test:




Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

The Black Crowes

Depeche Mode


Duran Duran

Garth Brooks

Guns 'n Roses



Ice Cube

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson



Pearl Jam
Pink Floyd

Phil Collins
Rage Against the Machine


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Roger Waters

Tom Waits

Van Halen

Whitney Houston



Total Albums: 186


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