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I noticed that whenever you fish with a spear, once it breaks it remains in your off-hand until you equip something else in it.  And so, to avoid this bug, I equipped a spear in ONE hand.  Once I tried fishing that way, however, my character acted like he was holding an ordinary fishing rod.

It was odd at first, until it opened up the error menu (or whatever F11 is in Debug Mode).


Then once I closed it, my character was frozen in place, just holding his spear like it was a fishing rod.  I couldn't move, couldn't even budge an inch.  Only thing I COULD do was turn around.  To fix this, I equipped my spear in BOTH hands and started fishing again.  He was still stuck, but the bar over his head appeared, indicating he was still, technically, fishing.  Once the bar filled, his animation reset, and he was good as new!


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