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VCR's and tapes.

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You could use a VCR to record any of the shows you see on the tv like the Life and Living channel or any of the news channels onto a tape to watch at a later date on a tv, you could also find various tapes scattered around the world detailing different skills such as a digital biology lesson found in a school to learn some first aid skill, recordings to help with the maintenance of vehicles, recordings of survival shows that show you what berries are poisonous.


You could also find tapes of "Home videos" which bring a boost of happiness and reduce the stress of the viewer, the player could also play some zombie type movies (assuming that the universe has zombie culture) which allow your character to fight more effectively since they know where to aim and attack.

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They were actually planning to add tapes for the in-game TV shows to give a use for powering TVs with a generator later on and for giving skills like you suggested. I'm guessing other priorities got in the way and it's just on a to-do list.


I love the idea of home videos or collectable movies your survivor can watch that gives a large happiness bonus. Can 1000% see my character sat in their safehouse years into the apocalypse, watching movies on a generator-rigged TV with a hot cuppa 

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