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Hydrocraft Build 41 Beta Released!

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Hello everyone!

We are currently looking for a few dedicated and active people that would like to test Hydrocraft and report bugs a bit closer with us!


So if there is anyone who would like to participate, this will surely help the development of the Build 41 version a ton! We will also send an invite to our Discord server to make communication easier!


Now on to the good news.


The "Beta 1" version of Hydrocraft for Build 41 is currently available!


Beta versions are to be considered "IWBUMS" so there could be game breaking issues and require some games to be restarted.


So for anyone who wants to play Hydrocraft until it is considered to be stable enough to be released publicly, there will be periodic releases there once in a while.


It would be really appreciated if bug reports would be done on GitHub but any other channel will still be considered :) Thanks!!


The Beta 1 can be downloaded right here:




Again and lastly, if anyone would like to hunt bugs to help us with the mod, please send Hydromancerx or myself a quick PM and I will send the link to our Discord server!


Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who helped!

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Hei there, so, i was using the mod and found some stuff which may be bugs. So, first of all, the original game files has a wrench, which is different from the hydrocraft wrench, and there are some recepies whih can only be crafted by the HC wrench, also the dismantle auto parts recepie doesn't show up neither in the crafting menu, nor in the small menu which you can open when interacting with stuff. also there doesn't seem to be any place to use the nail gun or the nail gun amo, nail gun doesn't show up on any crafting recepie and the nail gun amos can't be inserted into the nail gun. also when you try to take parts from the car, the FPS suddenly drops to 1, thought it might be because of some error in the codes. and the tire leg armor can't be equipped, idk if the rest of the armors are like that too or not

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