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Customizable random zombie speeds

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Choose your own % of Runners, Walkers, Shamblers - and Crawlers! You missed those, didn't you. 

By default, you should get ~5% Runners, 60% Walkers, ~33% Shamblers, and ~2% Crawlers.


Only works if you choose "Random" for zombie speeds in Sandbox.


Not sure if this is 100% reliable, but it seems to work so far.


ZombieSpeeds = {}
ZombieSpeeds.counter = 0 -- counter to delay execution, otherwise it doesn't seem to work

ZombieSpeeds.randomizeSpeed = function(zombie)

	ZombieSpeeds.counter = ZombieSpeeds.counter + 1
	if ZombieSpeeds.counter ~= 200 then
	ZombieSpeeds.counter = 0

	local data = zombie:getModData();

	if data.zombieType == nil then -- we didn't set a zombieType yet
		 -- so lets set a zombieType
		local random = ZombRand(101)
		if random > 98 then
			zombie:toggleCrawling(); -- how to set, not toggle?
			data.zombieType = "crawler"
		-- elseif random > 97 then
		-- 	zombie:setForceFakeDead(true); -- not working?
		-- 	data.zombieType = "fakedead"
		elseif random > 95 then
			data.zombieType = "runner"
		elseif random > 60 then
			data.zombieType = "shambler"
			data.zombieType = "walker"

		 -- now do something with the zombieTypes
		 if data.zombieType == "runner" then
		elseif data.zombieType == "walker" then
		elseif data.zombieType == "shambler" then

		zombie:DoZombieStats() -- doesn't seem to work without applying the stats like this



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I'm holding off on enabling Runners until I can um..... run, But this sounds like it will make zombies much more organic instead of having a horde of zombies going exactly the same speed... 

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