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10% when I find light bulbs and install in a car or in another lamp, the durability is always at 10%

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Hi, don't know if this is a glitch/bug but every light bulb I find outside, let's per say loot of a closet, and when I installed all the ones I find in loot boxes always are at 10%, and the ones are take off light bulbs from a car is fine.


Edit: I put an image, the ones who are all different numbers in % I took off cars, but the ones who are at 10% i found in houses

Sem título.png

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Weird; my lightbulbs are working fine, and I've replaced a few.


EDIT: I had only used Lightbulbs taken from OTHER CARS, but now I used some I found at a store and yes, they show 10%

(But in all honesty, until the Devs buff the headlight's durability, they'll break in just one brush with a Zed regardless if they're 100% or 1%...)

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