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[41.19] Inventory Sanity Mod (Auto-Walk & Container Switch)

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[UPDATE] This mod now fixes Auto-Walking to EVERYTHING ELSE.... and still adjusts Inventory Column category Width.... 

[UPDATE] Uploaded a separate column width mod just in case, to ensure everyone can play how they want...







Im sure there is a good reason for the way looting and interacting with containers is the way it is for animation purposes. But I just prefer that container windows not switch automatically away from the one you are transferring items to/from, and that the character not try to automatically walk closer to containers which are already in range to where you can see the contents. I guess depending on what the majority of players want, this may or may not be adjusted in due time as there are other things higher on the priority que, and understandably so with an update this big.


In the mean time... here is a temporary fix for anyone who also prefers not to have inventory windows automatically switch away from the one you are trying to transfer items to and from while looting or managing your inventory.


AUTO-WALKING fix - To prevent your character from auto-walking to containers that are within range and contents already visible...

Change the value from 2 to 3 in line #135 of "...media/lua/shared/luautils.lua" so it reads :



    if container:getParent() and container:getParent():getSquare():DistTo(playerObj:getCurrentSquare()) < 3 then


**** NOTE : 2.5 seemed to work well also.... but I'm using 3 just to be sure. This does not seem to affect the range at which contents become visible... I think...

CONTAINER SWITCHING fix - To prevent your character from auto-selecting the wrong container and switching away from the one you are transferring to/from...

Comment out lines #67, 68, 69 of "...media/lua/client/TimedActions/ISInventoryTransferAction.lua" so it reads :



--        if self.selectedContainer:getParent() then
--            self.character:faceThisObject(self.selectedContainer:getParent())
--        end




Preliminary testing seems to behave as I intended, in that the container view will not change as you are transferring items to/from adjacent containers of which the contents are visible and in range. And your character will not try to get closer to containers that are already in range, simplifying the task of inventory management and looting.


Not responsible for any short sightedness or breakages these changes may cause. Use at your own risk... Posting the changes like this for Gog users, assuming you know how to make a simple mod in your "...user/Zomboid/mods" directory,  And it's on Steam as well...


Edit... Also adjusts "Category" column width making it narrow and all the way to the right or the inventory pane.



Updated for [41.19]


Workshop ID: 1907803085
Mod ID: InventorySanity

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I just added my comments to the gripe thread about this very problem and I see this here now, holy hell thank you. Moving lots of loot has been the least enjoyable part of B41 for myself and my splitscreen partner the entire time we've been playing it, entirely because of these unpredictable movement and menu switching issues, so this is a welcome fix. The annoying column width fix is a real nice cherry on the top too, both of us agree the interface is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint after all the animation changes, but we understand it's early days yet. Still having fun, but this makes it a lot easier to enjoy.

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What specifically is not working, Character still walking to containers ? or containers view is still switching ?


If another mod is active that changes the files this mod does, I suppose it's possible this mod is getting bumped...

If you can figure out which other mod alters the same files, and make the changes manually as described above...


Essentially combine the mods so they don't conflict...

Edited by Arsenal26

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