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[IWBUMS 41.18] Car Duplication

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I was driving down the road in Riverside and I stopped in the middle of the road to grab supplies and avoid incoming zombies. I move a bit further back and saw my car there, I was a bit puzzled because I remember parking the car on the other direction. So I went back and saw the exact same car. I then drove one of them and parked them next to each other and they were completely the same. They have the exact same items inside and condition was also the same.
I checked and I did not have any mods installed.image.thumb.png.fd222493f0208f8d3d78c61d257ab932.png

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Yes, there are other threads about this and the devs are asking players to submit as much info as possible about your experience with it so they can hopefully isolate the cause.

I knew about it but only experienced it for the first time today.

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