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Of Bites and Men


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Not really a gameplay suggestion, but I think that the devs should leak out a rumour of there being a chance of surviving a bite, without actually implementing it in game. There's a lot of people who don't like that you're always going to die from a bite (I'm not one of them).

This would give all the people who want hope of surviving a bite something to live for, without actually giving them a chance of surviving it. xXx

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3 hours ago, ZombiesLoveBrainiacs said:

We already have that rumor. Some people think it 's a ~95% chance that can be lowered with Thick Skinned trait. Both isn't true afaik. Thick Skinned is probably one of the most useless traits.

Lemmy confirmed on Reddit that it's 100%.


Thick skinned is far from useless, as it lowers the chance of being scratched/bitten.

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What could be nice is the addition of a random incubation period before the onset of symptoms, based on the severity of the Bite/Scratch/Laceration and where you were injured.
It would still be a death sentence, but would trick you into playing a bit longer.
That said, it could also have some people crying "glitch!"
100% certain death mechanics are always hard to balance in high time investment games. 😅

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