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Problem with weapons and hats textures is missing or one color

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The weapons, hats, mask Textures are Bugged. When I equip weapons or other object to my hand the texture are in one color. Also the hats and mask have the same problem. I try to see if its my graphics drivers was outdated so I updating my graphic drivers still Bugged and then I uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game but nothing. 


My Computer is a hp laptop:

Intel Core i3 

Intel HD graphics 520

 8 GB of ram


Screenshots of the Texture Bug:

ProjectZomboid64 2019-10-30 17-26-29-05.png

ProjectZomboid64 2019-10-30 17-23-18-48.png

ProjectZomboid64 2019-10-30 17-23-02-16.png

ProjectZomboid64 2019-10-30 17-19-09-13.png

ProjectZomboid64 2019-10-30 17-17-59-20.png

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3 hours ago, Arckonh said:

 image.png.de6f24d19ec8ef15b94fec45ee80a740.pngI have the same problem.

What graphics card?


Could you both upload your debugLog from %UserProfile%\Zomboid once you see the missing textures in game? It's in %UserProfile%\Zomboid

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