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Quick questions before starting on creating a custom map

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Posted this in the other subforum by accident, and can't figure out how to delete it.

Going to keep this brief.

  1. How big are the world cells?
  2. How many "cells" would the current Zomboid build's map be?
  3. Can new cells be easily added onto an existing map, or should I give myself ample room to expand?
  4. When new builds come out, can our custom maps easily be transferred?

Thank you in advance.

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1. 300 x 300

2. A lot. I haven't counted, but somewhere between... 50-100ish.

3. Depends on how you go about it. However, new cells are able to be inserted into a map whenever you need them, and you can always resize the map if needed.

4. Extremely. Basiclly all custom maps from build 40 work in the IWBUMS, with the exception other profession zombies, which are Lua objects that I don't think will be supported until the devs release the next version of WorldEd

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