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Vary shout volume by holding shout key

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The shout button is very useful but it could be so much better if we could just vary the volume at which we shout. I think the shout key and the whole shouting mechanic could be improved a lot if the key was changed from a key that you tap to a key that you hold down. The longer you hold the key, the louder your voice is. Visually the volume of your voice could either be represented by text size, or by changing the text to things like "psst" for quieter speech. 


From a realism perspective obviously it is realistic to be able to vary the volume of your voice. From a gameplay perspective it gives the player a potentially powerful tool for indoor exploration and crowd control. It also requires an element of skill on the player's part since the timing of the button hold determines how loud the shout will be, and thus the radius that zombies will be able to hear you. Too short a hold and you won't make any noise, too long and you shout at the top of your lungs, which could attract a lot of zombies.


What do people think of this idea? Are there any plans to implement voice volume control, in this manner or otherwise?

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