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Keeping the Costs of a Server

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Hi all the community! I have a Project Zomboid multiplayer online server, but due to the high cost of maintaining a VPS I am considering donating. Are there any mods or functions that make us administrators grant advantages to those who help the server with $$? Because keeping the server without any help is virtually impossible.

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Hay Kincy,

With the terms of service and Mod Rules turning PZ into a monetary gain is not allowed.
     link  Terms of service


However having mods created exclusively for those who choose to donate (or separate ‘in-mod’ content and bonuses) is not allowed. Mod creators cannot sell modifications to Project Zomboid.


The Indie Stone, however, do NOT encourage or allow server owners to charge for specific items, mods or gameplay that is made and distributed exclusively for said server. Beyond server access, we do not approve of monetising any aspect of the game proper.



My only suggestion is create a server budget, to some extent a small business plan.
This way you can research and forecast possible growth based on predicted game development and the expected cost for the server. I think there are a few free business plan pdf's or sites that have how to if your unsure on developing a long term plan/budget.

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