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[41.17] Slow down when loading save

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Same here.... Console is same error repeating.... referencing the HotBar..


What  I noticed in several save/load tests is this :

Loads fine :

Item on back, nothing in belt, NO HOLSTER


Loads fine :

Item on back, Item in belt (screwdriver), NO HOLSTER


Loads with massive lag :

Item on back, Item in belt (screwdriver), wearing holster (empty)

Thing is, upon load, the screwdriver is shown in the Holster slot, and the holster is empty...


Screwing around with it some more, after the first successful load without a holster, if I switch things around, and then wear the holster, it loads normally... even if I set it up exactly as it was when it loaded with lag issues...


First time I had this happen... not 100% but Iirc, I had items on back, belt, and holster...




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