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New prrofession-Scientist

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Scientist would be able to create certain items such as:

-certain substances such as gunpowder

-certain meds like antibiotics

-DIY napalm(fuel+styrofoam)

-maybe synthetizing fuel (biofuel to be accurate)

-and more...

Equipment useful for that profession:

-labolatory scales


-lab glass(flasks,beakers,test tube,etc.)

-lab torches

-and also more...

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I'm a scientist so I would love to see this so I can properly role play myself. However in the current map I don't know that it makes much sense. There just aren't any places where you'd find research labs within the current map. It would make sense once Louisville is added since there are proper hospitals and research-conducting universities there.


Also there are so many types of scientists so it doesn't really make sense to give them those sorts of abilities and just call them "scientist". One way it could work though is if the traits "fast learner" and "fast reader" became tied to the "scientist" profession instead of being traits anyone can select. 

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