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Zombie's getting stuck on 2nd floor window with sheet rope.

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Zombies attempted to climb through a window with a sheet rope on it whilst chasing my character. They then stacked up on the same spot and became stuck. Atleast 8 zombies in the same spot in the images. 


All the zombies seem to be unkillable. Removing and re-adding the sheet rope does nothing. Trying to use the sheet rope causes the climb animation to be triggered but is cancelled instantly and the character does not climb out the window.  I've tried placing objects next to the window, a table for example and it does nothing to the state of the zombies.  I placed a barricade on the window, the zombie state did not change nor were they able to damage it.


[TEMP FIX]---- Reloading the game save made all of the zombies disappear, they were nowhere to be found at all ---[TEMP FIX]

PZ Bug 2.png

PZ Bug 1.png

PZ Bug 3.PNG

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forgot tag, build number and the temp fix

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