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2nd local stream (role-play channel)

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I would like to offer the idea to add an optional second local chat channel (visible), a role-play channel.
This channel could be named Role-Play, coded /rp to fit with existing game structure (a,s,y,w..).


Why not just use local!

* Yes we have local, but an optional second stream allows those that role-play the opportunity to remain in character in one and then speak freely within the other.
* This option may help to keep the immersion and allows those that are taking a quick break from in-character actions a chance to still be in the game.

* Local linked to Discord and the 2nd stream only in-game.



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I thought keeping the 2 chats separate as some other games do, lessens the confusion and allows immersion.
Having 1 stream with one person talking about his day at school and within the same, 2 players trying to RP would be better option. But I don't RP in this game so you could be right.

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