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Build 41 Clothing Modding

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Thought I would take a look at a simple clothing retexture mod. I can work out most everything but the last couple steps to keep it from being a hack job.

Only a few new steps here from a standard item mod.


Create the item definition: 
  <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\<MyMod>.txt
Create a texture image for the 3D character model: 
  <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Clothes\<subfolder>\<itemName>.png
Create an inventory icon 32x32: 
  <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Item_<itemName>.png
Create the model\texture\tint\GUID references: 
  <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\clothingItems\<itemName>.xml
Attach the item to some distribution (place it in the world), the new ProceduralDistributions have a bit less boilerplate than the old SuburbsDistributions.
  <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\lua\server\items\<MyMod>_distributions.lua


Finally, you need to have a GUID to clothing model reference placed in fileGuidTable.xml. I have found no way to inject this from a mod, I could 
only get it working by adding the reference directly to the game file:

  <game install>\media\fileGuidTable.xml

Anyone know a way around this? Also, if I want the clothing item to be worn by zeds, I need to edit the game file:

  <game install>\media\clothing\clothing.xml

I'd love to have a way to inject\replace XML in those files from the mod. That or some back door lua script way.

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Yes please, more information about how to add clothing and how to mod the armor resistances ... like can we add a item that has full body defense without replacing all the slots (like a force shield)...

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I am also facing similar difficulties.


I'm trying to mod in new versions of existing clothes (bulletproof vests, backpack, etc), but I cannot get the 3d sprites to show up. Likewise, despite adding values to the items the character completely ignores these values (such as the invisible vest having 100 protection value, but the proctection tab showing 0%).


I am able to rexture and modify the existing default items just fine and that works, but rather than that, I would like to add these as new items. 


So, the problem(s)

  • New items do not show on character when equipped (they can be looted and found, but no character model)
  • New items do not calculate their properties on the character (defense values, etc)
  • New items' inventory sprite spawns with random colors, despite setting random color / tint to false


The goal

  • Use the existing default items and retexture them as new, separate items


I uploaded a .rar file of the mod as an attachment.


If anyone could take a look at the mod and tell me what I'm doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it!


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