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Build 41 IWBUMS - Hypochondriac bugs and others


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1:  The Hypochondriac trait kills me every time I get wounded by a zombie.  I get nausea, anxiety, and stress and eventually a fever, but my health never recovers and the "fever" kills me.  I don't come back as a zombie, it says Deceased instead of zombified.  Also, I tested it in a custom game with reanimation time being instant so I'm 100% sure I wasn't infected.


2:  When you have the Hypochondriac trait, being scratched from running through trees triggers the Hypochondriac symptoms (anxiety, stress, fever).  Also, because the Hypochondriac trait kills you, you die 100% of the time from a scratch caused by running through trees, even if the wound has already healed by the time the fever kills you.  However, it's not all wounds.  If you punch a window, for example, Hypochondriac won't trigger.  Not sure about scratches from tripping, in my experience they sometimes kill you and sometimes don't, but I could be mistaken on that.


3:  Hitting the Randomize button on the character screen gets rid of your occupation.  You have to go back to the skill screen and change to a different occupation and back for it to update.


4:  Sometimes, the sound breaks when it rains.


5:  Clothing doesn't keep you warm.  Died of hypothermia wearing 5 layers during May, had to switch to June.


6:  When you remove a magazine from a pistol (with the right click option), it racks the gun before removing it.  So with a pistol having 5+1 bullets, removing the magazine will cause you to have one bullet in the chamber, a magazine with 4 bullets, and one bullet in your inventory.  Removing the magazine by pressing R does not do this.


7:  Sometimes when hitting a zombie vaulting over a window/fence, the animation bugs out and makes them stand up.


8:  Switching off from a gun has the red/green firearm zombie outline stay on them for a second or two afterward.


9:  Standing zombies can push sitting zombies.


10:  If you have a loaded gun in your hand and wait using the fourth speed option (the clock one), aim, and hold left click, your character will shoot infinite shots without using ammo and your character will bug out.  The shots aren't real, I think, it just looks like you're shooting.  However, shooting at the third speed option uses bullets normally.




Besides the bugs though, Build 41 is some of the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time.  Keep up the good work!

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Great points, I have personally experienced #1, 2, 3, 5, 7 as well. 


In regards to 7 this seems to happen when you try to attack the zombie that is on the ground. If you attack it'll do the regular attack animation, not the ground attack, and it'll instantly stand the zombie up.

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Does 2. still happen to anyone with the current 41.15 build? I never had that happened and tried to reproduce it in a sandbox game with low Zombie Count and avoiding all combat with only Hypochondriac as a trait. Ran into trees till I had Scratched, Bleeding and Infected status on three spots, did not disinfect the wounds, bandaged with Ripped Sheets and waited till the wounds healed up. Did that four times. Never got nauseus, sick, fever or zombified.

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