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[Build 41] Game freezes up when sleeping and waking up in Kingsmouth


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So the first days things were going normal, no crashes no freezes in a 2 hour session.


Later i had to stop playing, so i had to quit the challenge and close the game. A few hours later i came back, loaded the game from "Continue" and kept playing normally, again had to go after 1 hour session, closed the game normally from quit game and left.


After that each time i go to sleep, the game hangs up and never really stops responding, just hangs up, i have to alt-tab and close the console, then the loading of "This is how you died" goes super fast like if i was fast forwarding and i load into the black screen with the clock when you are sleeping, then when i am suppose to wake up, the game hangs again, i have to alt tab and close the game.


The last lines in the console before i close it is something along the lines of (i attached the file below😞

LOG  : General, 1571622162120> 1571622162120 znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange
LOG  : General, 1571622365709> 1571622365709 znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange
LOG  : General, 1571622915839> AnimatedModel.addStatic> Adding Static Model:static/clothes/f_glasses_normal
LOG  : General, 1571623296055> reanimate: saved 0 zombies


Also quick note, this started to happen after i used a digital alarm to wake up at 5:50 AM (cant miss those Live and Living shows) with the TV beside the bed with the TV on, for like 3 sessions even if i turned the alarm off, i kept crashing at 5:50 AM.


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