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[B41] A buncha bugs.

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1. Sometimes character faces the wrong way while doing some actions (e.g Drinking, filling up bottles, barricading etc.)



2. Some layering issues. If you wear a hiking bag or a vest over a jacket, you can see it clipping while walking.

3. Ties, bow-ties are worn on a wrong level. Character puts it on the skin layer, which makes it invisible if you wear any other clothing.

4. If you sneak and aim while moving, character will make a few steps in the direction of where he's aiming, regardless of the movement direction. (E.g if I'm walking to NE and aim to SW, character will stop and move a little bit to the SW.)

5. While filling up pots, bowls or saucepans, char holds those items in the wrong hand.

6. Weapons won't show up in character's hands while doing certain actions like opening the window, climbing through ut etc.

7. Turning while eating/drinking/smoking will cause character to stop for a very brief moment.

8. Some moodles like Bleeding and drunk don't seem to affect walking speed anymore.

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