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Bugs I have encountered

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Killing the zombie in any tile aside from the one marked will soft lock the tutorial and require a restart

When creating a character and selecting a new item that can be colored, all items of clothing that can be colored will have their identifying color squares randomized
Trying to open a locked door and then being pushed over while in thee animation will make you hyper jiggle / spam the lock
Some times after dying and clicking continue, you will load into your last character where they last spawned instead of choosing a new character and such. (Actually this has been happening to me 100% of the time.)
A railbridge right outside of Westpoint is transparent and missing a few textures. 

I'll update this list as I find more.

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[Day 2 After IWBUMS Update Woo!]

After dying and selecting continue to create a new character, if that was the first time your character died you will respawn as that same character in the same house you spawned in essentially giving your character a second chance.
You can open, close and jiggle doors and windows while in a dying animation. 
Reloading a shotgun doesn't work. Every time you try to reload a small red error box pops up and increases in total by 1 every time you reload starting at 1

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RE: The Respawn bug.

This is also happening to me. In addition to that, it happens when you quit out normally. If this is the first time with that character in that world, then when you re-load the game, it will spawn you as a new character (same starting location, equipment, and skills) and anything you were carrying will be lost.



WORKAROUND: When you spawn in, immediately quit back to the menu and continue again. This should prevent the issue from happening and you losing a bunch of stuff like I did.




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