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A Question Around Sprinting build 41

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The Streamzeds are looking Great may i say Really got me looking forward to build 41.



First in the streamzeds i saw sprinting into a wall makes you fall on your arse as it should.


That left me with a question around windows if i were to run full speed into a window [as seen below] will it smash and if so would i land in shards of glass cut up and bloodied?




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14 hours ago, trombonaught said:

I think it'd be cool but in the window's defense, these things can be TOUGH.


Not sure about the 90s though.

lol, that sounds like personal experience. 

source: personal experiences (damn you invisible glass) 

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It matters on construction, usually for full-height walls people would use shatterproof glass  ( which was made in the 1950s ).

Back when Skyscrapers became the rage in U.S they used standard glass but what would happen is heavy winds and bird collisions could break it causing glass shards to fall killing and maiming those below.

Eventually, it was required to switch to shatterproof glass at that point for tall buildings.


Skyscrapers made this glass cheaper ( due to large volume orders ) these type of glass was now found in every day malls and buildings and some houses.
By the 90s it was pretty rare to use standard glass for full-length windows ( Unless the contractor cheated you ). 


Also Car Windows use this glass for decades now. Which is why you usually see cracks in the window and doesn't just break and fly at you when in a hail storm. 

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