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Failure to work twice

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As an experiment on my way to something more in depth, I tried:

local function addItems()	
	local player = getSpecificPlayer(0);    -- Java: get player one	
    local inv = player:getInventory();      -- Java: access player inv	
    -- Java: add the actual items to the inventory	


It worked exactly as I expected... But after I reloaded the game (without changing anything) it is now throwing up:


SEVERE: Error found in LUA file: C:/Users/(snip)/Zomboid/mods/OccupationalItemsOnSpawn/media/lua/client/AddItems.lua
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 65022

It worked fine the first time, it's literally just a copy paste of Robomat's tutorial. What could have caused it to stop working if I didn't change anything?
(All other mods are disabled, so totally vanilla minus this)

Any help is appreciated on my way to figuring this stuff out! :)

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