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I struggled immensely with trying to make floor tiles for Project Zomboid, no image editor seemed capable of doing what I needed without warping the texture and breaking the seamlessness of the tile... So I made a tool to cleanly map a 64x64 flat texture to an isometric Zomboid tile (2x variation).


I'm not a great programmer and there isn't really much in the way of a GUI, so you'll have to forgive me in that regard.


Instructions for use:

Replace the input.png with the texture of your choice and run IsoZoid. IsoZoid will then show you how the conversion turned out. Hit Enter to export the tile to the Output folder, hit Escape to quit. Clicking "Refresh" will reload the texture file.
Floor textures work best at 64x64.
Wall textures work best at 64x193




  • Fixed a minor export bug with exporting flat textures.


  • Fixed minor GUI issues
  • Added a reverse mode for getting flat textures from floor tiles


  • Expanded GUI
  • Added blends for floor tiles
  • Added ability to make wall tiles
  • IsoZoid no longer closes after export.
  • IsoZoid will adapt the texture if the dimensions are incorrect rather than giving you a prompt


  • Spiffed up the GUI
  • Tiles are now exported as transparent PNGs
  • The tool recognizes invalid input tile measurements and will give you a prompt



IsoZoid 0.5.rar


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New version. Shoulda probably waited until this one before releasing in the first place, but I didn't actually think I'd go further anyhow, as the tool suited my needs fine as it was... Buuuut, it ain't about me, right? :P


So now it looks and works a bit better.

Functionally it's done now, but I'm wanting to add more to it if I ever get time... Things like reversing the process, walls and blend tiles, etc... But we'll see.

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