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Map chunks not loading in multiplayer server

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I'm hosting a multiplayer server with my friends (there are 3 of us in total), for the most part it's all fine and dandy but sometimes, my friends experience map chunks not loading. More specifically, when they're in a moving vehicle (either alone or with me), after some time they would reach a black border of the map and can't get through it. This doesn't happen to me as the host, but they experience this frequently, and waiting for 30 seconds or more doesn't seem to solve the problem. They end up disconnecting and reconnecting every single time and it's becoming such a hassle..


For the server and host rig specifics.. (if you need other information I would be happy to find them out)

- Host OS: Windows 10

- Host CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K (4.00 GHz)

- Host RAM: 16Gb

- Server allocated RAM: 8Gb

- Host Internet Connection: 2Gbps

- Game Version: Using the Steam version (build 40)

- Mods: ORGM, ORGM Silencer

- How the server was created: using the in-game "host" function, and then inviting my 2 friends.

- Fixes we tried:

   > tried increasing RAM (it was originally 2Gb. Increased to 4Gb, then 8Gb)

   > tried increasing/decreasing speedlimit parameter (from default 50 to 80, then 30, then back to 50 because it didn't work)


Is there a way to maybe change parameters for the map chunk loading? for example force the game to load 2 map chunks ahead instead of only one. Or maybe, load the map chunks slowly so it will eventually load if we just wait. Or maybe other fixes possible?


I'm thinking of trying out creating the server using the non-steam version, but I have no clue about port-forwarding and I'm scared our current save will disappear..


Please advise.


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At this point this problem have no solution. It is well known and I not sure if will be addressed any time soon.


What you can do:


1. Decrease SpeedLimit from 50 down.

2. Set UseTCPForMapDownloads to 'true' - could help in case there are many bloated chunks around the map. Map loading still be slow, though.

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