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Coconut granades to save you from pirates,i mean zombies

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18 hours ago, EnigmaGrey said:

Thank you, that is much better than just insisting you're right.


Though I hate to tell you this, 6000 people isn't exactly small.  That's 3x the population of Muldraugh and West Point combined. Maybe that helps put it in perspective?


That also fails to address that coconuts are currently in vogue (keto, the changing attitudes regarding saturated fats and heart disease),

whereas it'd probably be less likely to find them in 1993, but I doubt either of us can prove that one way or another. My instinct tells me that it be even less likely in the game's setting.


I think you and I have very differing standards on what constitutes a "small" town. Also that's not factoring in the populations of Riverside, Rosewood, and March Point which - although they're fictional - would still increase the population of the in-game world. I can't say by how much they would increase the in-game population -only the devs know that.


Also, one has to factor in the city of Louisville which - although it hasn't been added to the game yet - contains over 500,000 people! I can easily imagine the people of Muldraugh and the like making the occasional shopping trip to "The Big City" so they can stock up on items and groceries they can't get in their hometowns.


Unfortunately, I don't have any answers with regards to the availability of coconuts in 1993. I'm too young to be able to draw on personal experiences, and I'm not having much luck finding anything online either. I do know that coconuts were given away as prizes in fair games in the UK throughout the 20th and late 19th centuries (which is where the 1944 song "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts comes from"). That could mean that coconuts were common enough to be given away as cheap prizes, or they were rare and exotic enough to be worth playing a rigged fairground game for the chance to win one. My guess is that they started as the latter, and ended up as the former.


Lastly I would like to state that I never said coconuts should be so common that you find them in every second house you break into in PZ. I don't know if different food items are assigned different rarity values in PZ, but coconuts should definitely be rarer than apples and oranges. Maybe you've broken into the house owned by the one person on the street who enjoys fresh coconut milk. Just like you can currently break into the house owned by the one Cajun-cooking enthusiast on the block who stocks remoulade. ;)



18 hours ago, dexa32 said:

Did you bought those coconuts right now for proof?


Yes. Yes I did.


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Yeah, that's fair.


iirc, I checked the definition of rural. It's pretty useless -- a thousand people or less and a population density of less than 400 per km2, so there's lots of room for argument as to what constitutes too small. I was pretty surprised that Montague, PEI, for example, wouldn't be considered rural by that definition, or even the town I spent a lot of years growing up in, right beside CFB Borden.


And you're right, I wasn't factoring in March Ridge / Rosewood, Riverside.  Good point. I would think all three are in the >1k range, but that could still conceivably mean 3-5k people without including Lousiville in the future (I did say earlier it'd make more sense with Lousiville in). Having a specialty grocery nearby would be less weird in that case.


Still don't think it's fitting for the game, but fair enough there.

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On 8/26/2019 at 9:41 PM, Octopus said:

Here are my findings:








Can we just appreciate for a second that this absolute madlad went on this full on scientific expedition, like some sort of Charles Darwin at the Galápagos Islands, just to prove the lack of correlation between Asians and coconuts to people on the forums for an Early Access Indie Game. I tip my hat off and salute you sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. If the Indie Stone Forums had an equivalent of Reddit Gold I would be showering you in it right now.

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Lol coconut grenades...


I would rather want explosive grenades, maybe those Mk 2 Grenades, that would be way more awesome!


Altough they would have to be pretty damn rare and loud as hell I guess :D

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well then you should suggest them


Lol coconut grenades...


I would rather want explosive grenades


It's kinda like saying lol black chocolate


I would rather want white chocolate

and both chocolates have same purpose,and that is to eat them

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