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Custom Tile Templates


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Floor Tile Template:



The red square tile is the base, brown blending tiles are for dirt/sandy blends while the green ones are for grassy blends. Difference is subtle and probably doesn't matter too much though. Each tile is 128x256, so these would go with the 2x textures.






Wall Tile Template:


Door Tile Templates:

First two are for closed doors. second two are for open doors.


Advertisement and Sign Templates (by Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]):



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Added Advertisement and Sign Templates
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Mind if I add to the thread? Here's the template I use in Photoshop, it's helpful for lining sprites up. I have two extra block grids for 45 degree/flat, for when I'm painting flat pieces. Heres a preview:




Here's the file:  _masks_basic_starter.psd

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tell me where you can find a guide for adding new tiles. something I can't find a topic, how to do it from zero. this is the process of creating a new wall texture (with a transparent window, for example). I want to create a wall with a glass window of a certain color-based on an existing wall texture.

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Added link to topic for Advertisement.                                                                                                                                                                                           Candy Crush

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