Amateur Mechanic Hobby/Ocuppatio Trait
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Currently the game has two almost identical traits: "Amateur Mechanic".


Icon Name Type Occupation Points Description Effect
TraitMechanic.png Amateur Mechanic Occupation Mechanic - "Familiar with the maintenance and repair of all vehicle models on the roads of Kentucky" Can work on all vehicle types without having to read any recipe magazines
TraitMechanic.png Amateur Mechanic Hobby - -5 "Has a detailed knowledge of common and commercial vehicle models, and repairs. +1 Mechanics"

Can work on standard and heavy-duty vehicle types and starts with 1 point in Mechanics skill.


What I suggest is having just one: Can repair all types of vehicle without needing the recipe and starts with +1 Mechanic skill

Having two with the same name, but with different effects, is confusing. If the developers wish to have them both, them I suggest to rename them.

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