Nothing will be written to the log if you take generator from the ground

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When generator was taken frome the ground, log record does not occur. It occurs when the generator is installed, when it is destroyed by a sledgehammer, or when the generator is moved into a container. But the action of taking the generator from the ground goes unnoticed.

If you install the generator on the ground, then an entry appears in the log


[05-08-19 00:30:08.281] {{steam_id}} "{{username}}" added IsoGenerator (appliances_misc_01_0) at 10206.0,12788.0,0.0.

If you break the generator with a sledgehammer, then an entry appears in the log


[05-08-19 00:31:14.426] {{steam_id}} "{{username}}" removed IsoGenerator (appliances_misc_01_0) at 10206,12788,0.

If you put the generator in a container and pick it up back, the following entries will appear in the log


[05-08-19 00:32:15.869] {{steam_id}} "{{username}}" container +0 10205,12787,0 [Base.Generator].
[05-08-19 00:32:27.891] {{steam_id}} "{{username}}" container -1 10205,12787,0 [Base.Generator].

But nothing will be written to the log if you take the generator from the ground.


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