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Incorrect fuel burning times on a campfire(IWBUMS)

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I was testing fuel burning times on a campfire against the numbers that are taken from media\lua\server\Camping\camping_fuel.lua.  For example it says that a log should burn for 4 hours but I was getting about 2 hours.  I tested this with the other fuel sources listed and I would always get half or around about that value.

I found the offending piece of code in media\lua\server\Camping\SCampfireSystem.lua at line 165 and 166 the same function is added to the events (the function that seems to reduce the burn times every ten minutes)


When I comment out one of those calls then the burn times become consistent with camping_fuel.lua.  I doubt it was intentional, but if it is then ignore this plz.  This is on the current IWBUMS build

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